Edge, Christian and Beth Phoenix take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ooc: I’m sure he’ll get world war 3 ;) well at least I can say I tried ;)
ooc possibly B) lol you did, you did! I need to get some sleep right now, just wanted to peek in and say hello! 
@ Alicia rp and the rest of our US people over there -  I hope you are all fine and no one was affected to bad by that hurricane - and you all had a nice 4th of July!
With that said, I´ll return to bed before the little monster wakes up again! Have fun, folks!

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ooc: look you’ve only been here for five minutes and you’re already making me chuckle *gasp* heres an idea why don’t you come back ;) Some Callihan RP followed me earlier and I kind of have an idea of who it is so I guess he things the same ;) 

ooc : you may wanna care for what you wish ;) Dean might not be ready to revive the war ;P And I am not sure if I´ll ever bring Beth back to rp tbh.

ooc: damn a long long time but over two years you get addicted to this place I’m on here sometimes until 5am, maybe you telling me to go to sleep would do the trick xD

ooc oh you know how it is, I would even if I already knew it wouldn´t work ;P my Phoenix and I having soooo much in common :D


ooc: I’m like fangirling ;) 

ooc lol how long since I last told you to go to bed? :D :D :D

ooc I know I am horribly late but life has been crazy lately…nevertheless want to say that I just FINALLY managed to actually watch the whole match of Alicia and Paige on Monday and…

ooc I got a good memory…just saying ;P 

ooc Dean rp is just such a loudmouth cause he can be sure that she is not around to kick his ass. ha.

ooc lol eric what´s with the Phoenix spam? ;P